Available places

If you are admitted to a study programme, you must inform us of any courses/programme modules that you have completed at other higher education degree programmes and for which it must be assumed that credit transfers will be granted.

According to the Executive Order that governs our programme, applicants who have already completed a master’s degree elsewhere can only be admitted if there are vacant places. This also applies if you have twice enrolled at higher education degree programmes without graduating. The Danish Ministry of Culture has specified that this means that the Schools of Visual Arts can only admit such applicants if the total number of applications received is lower than the number of places available. We usually receive twenty times more applications than we have places for.

The Schools of Visual Arts can make exemptions from this rule where exceptional circumstances apply. We cannot define exactly what “exceptional circumstances” means, but it might, for example, include circumstances that have made it impossible to complete a given degree programme, or made it impossible to work within the relevant field. In addition to your application for exemption, the Schools of Visual Arts must also receive full documentation proving the gravity of the situation, for example in the form of medical certificates.

You can apply for an exemption by submitting an exemption request via Varbi: upload your request and all relevant documentation under the heading “Additional documentation”. You do not need to pay the application fee for your admission application until your exemption request has been processed.

You must submit your exemption request no later than 31 January 2018.

Exemption does not guarantee admission.