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Mission og vision


The mission of The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ Schools of Visual Arts and Kunsthal Charlottenborg is:

  • To offer BA and MFA study programmes on art, art theory and art interpretation and learning
  • To carry out artistic research and academic research on art and art theory in collaboration with relevant players and to the highest international level
  • To provide genuine insight into contemporary art and art education and to support awareness of the many forms taken by contemporary art in Denmark and abroad.
  • To arrange exhibitions at the exhibition venue located in Charlottenborg Castle 

Together, the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ Schools of Visual Arts and Kunsthal Charlottenborg constitute a single state-operated cultural and educational establishment. Through study programmes, research and learning activities it promote the continual development of studies of art that give rise to new insights and new information about art, its techniques and its contexts.
Key tasks include offering bachelor and master study programmes as well as supervision for PhD fellows.

The study programmes must provide students with relevant, up-to-date insights while also supporting the development of each student’s artistic practice in co-operation with professors and fellow students.

Graduates must be able to sustain their own artistic practice, carry out independent artistic work and enter into collaboration with others.
The institution must also promote awareness and knowledge about contemporary art among the general public. This is done through the exhibitions presented at Kunsthal Charlottenborg as well as through the various activities staged at the Schools of Visual Arts.


The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ Schools of Visual Art and Kunsthal Charlottenborg will take steps to strengthen its position internally and externally, clearly defining itself as an important European institution for education, research and exhibition activities within the field of contemporary art – all based on innovation and originality.

The Academy of Fine Arts will evolve as a national and international platform for the production and presentation of contemporary art, adding value to society through explorative, experimental and theoretically well-founded artistic work and presentation work conducted at an international level.