The Advisory Board

From 2007 onwards, all schools under the auspices of the Danish Ministry of Culture must have an Advisory Board

Known in Danish as “Aftagerpanelet”, literally the “Board of Recipients”, the purpose of the Advisory Board is to advise the rector on the quality of the study programmes and their relevance to society.  The board also offers advice on the development of new and existing study programmes and on the development of new methods of teaching and examination.
Each year, the chairman of the Advisory Board provides an account of the board’s activities. This account is included in the annual report published by the academy.
In their report, the Advisory Board must include their comments on the current job prospects for the academy’s graduates.
The Advisory Board is set up for four-year periods at a time. The chairman of the board is appointed by the Minister for Culture, while the other members are appointed by the chairman and the academy rector.
The current Advisory Board for the Schools of Visual Arts consists of:

  • Museum director Holger Reenberg
  • Professor Helene Illeris
  • Gallery owner Nicolai Wallner
  • Kunsthal director Nanna Hjortenberg
  • Project manager Maria B. Eichhorn