The School of Painting and Pictorial Practises

The School of Painting and Pictorial Practices is based on the following image understanding: before the image is considered a market object or contemplative object, it is considered in its doing. Whether it is an image on Instagram, a piece of Celtic ornamentation, a physical painting or a press image, these images are each in their way agent forms that create worlds—ie. an image is a fundamental form of doing, that establishes an affect, a context, a recipient relationship, a political misguidedness or an inner stirring of a spiritual nature. The relevant art pedagogical fundamental question for the school is as follow: How can we perceive and challenge the already existing forms of the image and, in this process, develop images that create worlds of new forms of doing?

Ferdinand Ahm Krag


Ferdinand Ahm Krag (DK, b. 1977) graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2006. Krag has taught at the Jutland Academy of Fine Arts, the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and the Bergen Art and Design College. He has exhibited widely at home and abroad, amongst others at Overgaden in Copenhagen, Tensta Kunsthal Gothenburg, Momentum 8 Moss and Gallery Møller Witt, Aarhus. His works are represented in the collections at the National Gallery of Denmark, Randers Art Museum and the New Carlsberg Foundation.



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