Students at the Schools of Visual Arts wishing to study abroad

The Schools of Visual Arts encourage all students to study abroad as exchange students. Studying abroad gives you excellent opportunities for gaining insight into the international art scene and can offer new perspectives on your own art and your studies here in Copenhagen

Guidelines for students
at the Schools of Visual Arts wishing to study abroad 

You can apply to study abroad as an exchange student during the 4th and 5th semester of the BFA study programme or the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th semesters of the MFA study programme. We recommend that students go on exchange for a one-year period, but you can apply for exchange periods ranging between three and twelve months.
It is very important to carry out careful research when picking your exchange destination. You are entirely responsible for the entire process yourself: for getting in touch with the school/academy you wish to apply to, for arranging any preliminary visits, and for meeting all application deadlines, applying for funding, finding accommodation and so on.
We recommend that you begin to apply for funding well in advance of your scheduled exchange study period.

The Student Counselling service has a collection of information provided by fellow students who have already completed their studies abroad. They offer tips, advice and important information that will often not be available at the official websites of the schools and academies you might be interested in.

The Study Administration office handles official contact between the schools. This includes collaboration under the KUNO and Erasmus schemes and special agreements.
Additional information about studying abroad as an exchange student is provided below. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please contact us by sending a message to:


The Schools of Visual Arts is a member of KUNO – a Nordic-Baltic network for higher fine art education institutions. Funding is allocated by The Nordic Council of Ministers through the Nordplus programme. The activities of KUNO are governed by: KUNO_COLLABORATION_AGREEMENT. You can find more information here
KUNO provides support and funding for student mobility, teacher/professor mobility and for collaborative projects. Students and staff can also apply for funding to cover travel expenses.You can get an application form for KUNO grants from the Schools of Visual Arts’ Study Administration office.

Students will receive a grant towards their travel expenses and a grant for each month spent abroad. Students can continue to receive Danish SU (student grants) while studying abroad (but don’t forget to notify the SU authorities that you are going abroad; you can notify them via

KUNO also provides funding for participation in short-term courses via its so-called Express Mobility scheme – a special application form is provided for this scheme. New Express Mobility schemes are regularly announced on the KUNO websites; only a limited number of openings are available each time, so we recommend that you check back regularly.
Mobility schemes for teachers/professors are also arranged on a regular basis.


As a student at the Schools of Visual Arts, you qualify for funding from the EU Erasmus programme to spend three to twelve months studying abroad in another European country – provided that you have completed two years of study on your BFA Study Programme. You can also receive funding for language courses. An Erasmus+ grant comes to approximately EUR 250 per month.  You can also continue to receive Danish SU (student grants) while studying abroad (but don’t forget to notify the SU authorities that you are going abroad; you can notify them via

You are responsible for contacting the school/academy you wish to attend as an exchange student; this includes getting in touch with the international co-ordinator at the relevant school. You must also make sure that you familiarise yourself with your chosen school’s rules of admission, application procedures and so on.


Prior to your Erasmus exchange study period you will enter into an agreement between you, your host institution and the Schools of Visual Arts. This so-called Learning Agreement will define the contents of your studies abroad; by signing it you agree to take part in and complete specific courses of study.

The Learning Agreement also stipulates what credits you will earn by completing your study period. When your study period ends, you will receive a transcript of your records that can be used to transfer the appropriate credits.

When you have completed your study period abroad, you must submit a brief report on your stay to the Schools of Visual Arts and the Erasmus system. This is done online.


The Erasmus+ programme includes all EU countries, EEA countries and Turkey. You can only receive funding from the Erasmus programme if the Schools of Visual Arts and your chosen host institution have entered into a mutual agreement to collaborate on student and teacher mobility schemes.

When you have found the institution you want to attend as an exchange student, contact the Schools of Visual Arts to determine whether an Erasmus+ agreement has already been entered into for that institution. If no such agreement exists, we can arrange one.