Laboratory for Plaster

Laboratory for Plaster

Heibergsgade 9 


Associate Professor Pontus Kjerrman
+45 3374 4642

The Laboratory for Plaster primarily works with the sculpting, moulding and casting of plaster, but students will also work with concrete and explore mural techniques such as mosaics and fresco painting. Students will be taught how to create rubber or plaster moulds of objects and figures; this may include moulds taken after works sculpted by the student themselves.
Casting may be done in plaster or concrete, and the same moulds can also be used for lost-wax casting (cire perdure) in bronze. Furthermore, the teaching includes traditional plasterer’s methods, such as how to create crisply finished figures by means of zinc templates.

The Academy still owns a substantial segment of its old collection of plaster casts; this collection clearly demonstrates the great importance that sculptors have long attributed to casts after older sculptures. 

Pontus Kjerrman

Associate Professor

The head of the Laboratory for Plaster, Associate Professor Pontus Kjerrman (b. 1954), is a graduate from Kursverksamhetens Konstskole Göteborg, Houvedskous Skulpturskole Göteborg and The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ Schools of Visual Arts.

Kjerrman has had solo shows at e.g. Brandts, Tranegården, Sophienholm, and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Roskilde; he has contributed work to Borealis 4 at Louisiana, to the 20th Bienal Internacional de São Paulo, and to Spejlinger i Gips at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. 

Kjerrman’s work is featured in the collections at the SMK, ARoS, Sønderjyllands Kunstmuseum and KØS Museum of art in public spaces; he is also the artist behind numerous works of public art. 



+45 3374 4642