Charlottenborg Art Talks: Kate Cooper

Charlottenborg Art Talks and Forum are proud to present a talk by the British artist Kate Cooper. 

Her work centres on the body as a contested space for communication and representation, often through presenting computer generated (CG) bodies as tools with which to negotiate our own understanding of the bodily effects of capitalism. Through the use of these computer-generated technologies, the figures presented in her videos and installations intentionally function both as objects and as infrastructure. 

In the talk Kate will give an introduction to her practice that explores possibilities for disconnecting images from their economic contexts through forcing bodies and objects to relate to each other in improbable situations. How these fictional liminal bodies can be presented as forms of weaponry with which to unpick and reject contemporary modes of exploitative labour?

Kate Cooper (b. Liverpool, UK) lives and works in London and Amsterdam. She is the Director and co-founder of the London based, artist-led organisation Auto Italia. Recently she has presented work at ICA Boston, CCA Derry, Les Abattoirs, Toulouse was commissioned by the The Public Art Fund. Cooper was the recipient of the Schering Stiftung Art Award, where she presented her first solo exhibition Rigged at KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin (2014).

Kate Cooper’s work Rigged is currently on view at the exhibition Vibrant Matter at SAK Kunstbygning, where her work exploring virtual spaces and bodies can be seen alongside Kai Nielsen’s sculptures.

The talk is part of the Charlottenborg Art Talks program and is initiated by Forum, a group for student led teaching at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

Charlottenborg Art Talks
Kate Cooper
Kunsthal Charlotteborg, The cinema
The talk will be in English
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