The School of Sculpture Charlottenborg

The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ School of Sculpture focuses on artistic practices that engage with three dimensions. The core field of study is sculpture, objects, installations and art in public spaces. The School of Sculpture adheres to the fundamental premise that the Academy is a place where ideas can be explored and exchanged in a conducive social setting, thereby seeking to create a critical field that investigates and discusses the future of three-dimensional art.   
The instruction provided at the School of Sculpture focuses on nurturing the individual student’s art practice through so-called ‘studiesamtaler’ (tutorials, literally ‘study conversations’), group critique and technical instruction and guidance. The School is oriented towards the preconditions of historic and, especially, contemporary art.  Its activities include visits to exhibitions, meeting artists, curators and critics, excursions, study trips and texts. The School also invites guests to visit the school, arranging lectures and study talks.
The School of Sculpture works closely with the Laboratory for Sculpture, which comprises the laboratories for plaster, wood, plastic, ceramics, construction and 3D. It also offers courses on stonemasonry, bronze casting and other classic techniques. In addition to this this, students are encouraged to work with textual modes of expression in connection with the MFA programme.

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Simon Dybbroe Møller