General information for applicants

The study administration has answered a number of frequently asked questions that we receive from our prospective applicants.

Frequently asked questions

How long do your study programmes take?
The academy offers a three-year bachelor programme and a three-year Master of Fine Arts programme. This means that the full course of study takes six years in total.

When and how do I apply?
The application process takes place in winter/early spring and typically we open for submission in January. Read more about this year's admission procedure here.

Can I get SU (funding from the Danish Student’s Grants and Loans Scheme)?
Yes – if you are eligible for SU / haven’t already used up your SU for other studies.

Are there any age restrictions?
In keeping with Danish law the school imposes no age restrictions on students.

Are there any preparatory courses I could take?
The academy itself offers no official preparatory courses. However, it can be a good idea for students to keep an eye on current events on the contemporary art scene in Denmark and abroad. Websites such as and are useful in this regard.

Prospective students might also benefit from taking one or more advanced art classes, for instance at a folk high school (højskole / daghøjskole / aftenskole).

Questions about legal issues/rules
For specific questions about rules and regulations – e.g. in connection with admissions, credit transfers from other studies, SU grants etc. – please contact the Study Administration