Exhibition: Aiming their bow beyond the kairos

Experience the works of 30 masters degree students from the Academy of Fine Arts in new enxibition at Amager in Copenhagen

And who are you?
Kairos, I command all things.
And why do you stand on tip-toes?
I am always running.
And why do you have wings on your feet? Because I fly like the wind.
And then why do you carry a razor in your right hand?
To let them know that I am sharper than the sharpest of edges.
And why does that lock of hair hang down your face?
It is for whomever might encounter me, to grab it.
By Zeus! And why is the back of your head bald?
So that no one, even if they wanted to, can grab me from behind - after I have passed them by on my winged feet.
Poseidippos, epigram
Kairos by Lysippos
“We use the word crisis: that is, the inner effect of an event known objectively. As an objective fact of knowledge the crisis is none the less responsible for a basic inner phenomenon.” Eroticism, page 100,
Georges Bataille
Kairos is a greek term which describes a particular point in time characterized as the right moment; an opportune moment or crisis that presents itself and demands action. It is in many ways a concept that captures the zeitgeist and the human situation in the here and now - from global societal upheavals, climate crisis, covid, through new thinking, crossroads and challenges to the personal and intimate. Kairos can also be seen as conceptualizing the exact point of creation of a work of art, where a window of opportunity opens and the artist must work their way forward, through and out to the other side. It is stand or fall.
Aiming their bow beyond the kairos, is an exhibition presenting the works of 30 artists from the MFA School of Painting and Pictorial Practices, at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts curated by Anna Holm.
Ida Brockmann & Paula Nimand Duvå, Thor Kazuo, Anders Davidsen, Hedvig Tygstrup Greiffenberg, Nadia Gueddouh, Bjarke Jepsen, Emilie Imán, Anna Munk Johansen, Anton Munar, Kaja Lahoda Juhl, Vibe Kilde, Helene Norup Due Kjeldsen, Johannes G. Arvidsson, Clara Busch Madsen, Hannah Amalie Nielsen, Niels Holk, Mads Hyldgaard Nielsen, Rasmus Niclas Rose Nielsen, Eva Helene Pade, Simon Persson, Kamil Dossar, Mike Mac-Leod Worning, Anna Kristine Hvid Petersen, Kristine Karlshøj Leopold Petersson, Wenjie Zhou, Sophia Luna Portra, Adele Marie Rannes, Emil Krog Rasmussen, Fabian Sokołowski, Johanne Stoffersen, Amanda Maria Ramona Theilsgaard, Sophia Yoma Vanhala
Opening March 4th 5 - 10 PM
Exhibition period: March 5 - 13 2022
Opening hours: 12 AM - 6 PM
AGA, Uplandsgade 52