The first-year students present:

Miami Marked in Q, Peder Skramsgade 2. The opening is on January 29. 4pm - 10pm. Also opened saturday 30. from 9am to 20pm and sunday 31. from 9am to 20pm

He visited the States. Three days in Miami. To him it felt like home. 
For seven years he is the sole curator of MIAMI MARKED.  
On his shelves, there barely is, space for a dozen chocolate bars. He has to be selective, his choice personal.  
Quickly we could tell, the similarities between his decisions and that of our new institution. 
Providing us with a new home. Bestowing us with multiple roofs above our soft heads.
A place to work. Rooms to create new supplies for your demands.
We are the 24 chocolate bars working into your hands. 
Steadily working, beneath our plastic covers, but the process is slow. 
He is ahead of us, his style already defined. 
He outruns us. His feet flying above the floors of his white rooms.
On weekdays, as well as on weekends we visit him. Normally he knows what to do. 
With questions on our lips we arrive, always taking something back with us.
These short trips, leaving our comfort zone. 
Out of curiosity we start eating. We eat his concept. 
All that the well curated shelves have to offer we take in and digest. 
Vomiting out of gluttony.
All these goods upsetting our stomach. 
We open the door, and throw them up. Flying in a high arc, for the first time gasping fresh air. 
Landing almost in front of his feet.
Right on to the opposing corner, separated by a single street. 
There, we build up facades. We tear them down again. 
Our chocolate surfaces, melting together, we deck with splinters of glass. 


By: Tomas Joshua Leth, Erdal Bilici, Ida Schrader, Clara Busch Madsen, Emilie Tarp Østensgård, Pauline Fransson, Anna Rettl, Jonas Kroglund, Svend Sømod, Emilie Imàn Fog-Møller, Mira Winding, Mikkeline Lerche Daa Natorp, Sophie Gunvad Filtenborg, Alma Ulrikke Bille Stræde, Laurits Gulløv, Maja Liisberg Poulsen, Søren Rye, Gurli-Marie Lindum, Kajsa Karlsson, Andreas Tang Plougsgaard, Anna Kristine Hvid Petersen, Josephine Kamoun Johansson, Bertram Stæhr von Undall , Anton Bigum Kampe.