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News about admission 2017

Signing up to apply for admission 2017 is closed!

Now there is news about the BFA and MFA admission 2017

Read more about the admission to BFA here and the admission to MFA here

You can no longer deliver physical works - read the guidelines for the electronic submission of works for BFA here and MFA here.

News concerning MFA
Starting next school year there will be 4 MFA professor schools:

The School of Sculpture Charlottenborg
The School of Painting
The School of Conceptual and Contextual Practices
The School of Media Arts

New professors will be associated to the School of Painting and to The School of Conceptual and Contextual Practices, while the current professors of The School of Walls and Space, Nils Norman, professor of the School of Language, Space and Scale, Katya Sander and professor of the School of Painting, Anette Abrahamsson, will resign when their fixed-term employment expires. We expect to announce the new professors before 1 April.

News concerning Basic Studies
Starting from the next school year the Basic Studies will officially become a BFA. Head of the BFA is professor Henriette Heise. 3 associate professors and a number of guest teachers are connected to the BFA

Read more about the BFA here

News concerning interdisciplinary teaching
Interdisciplinary teaching in theory, art history and other non-artistic disciplines are held at the Institute for Research and Interdisciplinary 

The technical-artistic interdisciplinary teaching is held in the laboratories in collaboration with the professor schools. 

Read more about The Institute for Research and Interdisciplinary Studies here
Read more about the labs here