An exhibition and live installation about problems and alternatives by Jes Brinch. With Johannes Lilleøre and Erik Pold 

Throughout October live events, conversations, performances, sound and music by Discohingst will occupy the mezzanine at Kunsthal Charlottenborg. All events take place in the bar of ecstacy built in the exhibition.

One Foot in the grave examines intimate existential problems of today, and discusses alternatives to these problems through talks, dialogue and entertaining events.

The talks and conversations will happen in dialogue with invited guests, presenting their thoughts, ideas and opinions in a relaxed atmosphere and where the audience is invited to participate in the debate. The discussion revolves around contemporary issues, such as gender stereotypes, lose-win mentality, alienation, numbness, passivity or dismantling of the critical attitude.

The theater and performance part is a collaboration between Johannes Lilleøre and Erik Pold. Short theater and performance acts will form a continuous narrative during the exhibition period.

Music and concerts are an integral part of the project and experimental electronic dance music will play every Friday night. In addition to invited guests the performer Discohingst will deliver a new showdown with established forms of music every Friday.