The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts' BFA exhibition 2020

It is a pleasure to announce the opening of this years bachelor degree show running from the 26th of June to the 4th of July 2020.

About the exhibition, the artists state:

"The exhibition will take place in the old banquet hall at Charlottenborg Palace, that the academy today is primarily renting out for weddings and events. It is both the history of the space and current circumstances around it that is our common outset and framework for the exhibition. We want to invite the guests to reflect upon the narratives that is embedded in the hall – Those we as students maintain and those we try to deconstruct."

The artworks of the students spread from the banquet hall to the yard and in the exhibition period there will both be film screenings at Kunsthal Charlottenborg and performances. More information TBA.

The exhibiting artists are:

Anders Davidsen
Andrea Green Novel
Benn Malca
C Clement
Emil Krog Rasmussen
Freja Sofie Kirk
Hannah Nielsen
Hannibal Dahl
Ida Hyllested
Johan Bech Jespersen
Johanne Stoffersen
Johannes Arvidsson
Kaja Lahoda Juhl
Kamil Dossar Franko
Lukas Danys
Niels Østergaard Munk
Nadia Gueddouh
Niels Holk
Rebekka Hilmer Heltoft
Rikke Mulvad Mortensen
Sara Krøgholt Trier
Simon Persson
Stella Beling
Tea Eklund Berglöv
Valdemar Bisgaard
Vibe Kilde

The exhibition is curated by the students in collaboration with Mette Woller

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