Where my eyes had a rest

Join the opening reception of ”Where my eyes had a rest” byJulieta Rocha, Xaver Scheffer and Simon Martin at Q June the 17th at 5PM

Julieta Rocha (Portugal), Xaver Scheffer (Germany) and Simon Martin (France) met for the first time in Copenhagen, at the Painting Department of The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Being somewhere else means looking at things in a different way, even unconsciously trying to find something - a person, place or problem - that piques your curiosity, confronts or comforts you. This can be valid for months or just for one single second. The exhibition "Where my eyes had a rest" takes up that idea through different media such as painting, drawing, printmaking and photography.

The exhibition opens June the 17th at 5PM and is also open June the 18th from 3PM to 8PM