The Master of Fine Arts Programme

The Master of Fine Arts (MFA) programme is a three-year full-time study programme. As a student on the MFA programme, you will be affiliated with one of the Academy’s four MFA departments, commonly referred to as ‘Schools’. To read more about the four different MFA departments, click on the pictures at the bottom of this page.

The Schools are each headed by a professor. They all collaborate with the laboratories, where you have the opportunity to use workshop facilities and the materials provided, enabling you to pursue a wide range of artistic disciplines. The laboratories are staffed by specialised associate professors who will support you as you work to translate your artistic intentions into actual practice. The goal is for you, as a student, to gain a keen sense and understanding of the various materials and their use and meanings within visual art practice.

You pick a department for each academic year, meaning that you have the opportunity to switch from one School to another during your MFA programme studies. The MFA programme is concluded by an assessment of your contribution to that year’s MFA Degree Show (AFGANG), traditionally held at Kunsthal Charlottenborg in the heart of Copenhagen.

On the MFA programme you will expand on the skills and insights acquired during your BFA programme by specialising within a given subject area. The primary competences nurtured by the MFA programme include artistic practice as such, the ability to independently handle complex projects or work situations, and the ability to present, communicate and discuss art-related issues to and with peers and non-specialists alike. The programme also qualifies graduating students to apply for a PhD fellowship in visual arts, should you wish to do so.

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