About research

Artistic research and academic research are terms used to describe two distinct types of research conducted at the academy – and at other artistic schools under the auspices of the Danish Ministry of Culture

Artistic research
Artistic research is a research concept that focuses on the practice of art as an action that generates knowledge and insight. New knowledge can be produced in works of art, partly in terms of their materiality and partly through the technical and theoretical know-how that forms the basis of the work.

Artistic research is a key part of the knowledge base of the institution’s degree programme, forming a significant foundation for methodologies, pedagogy, artistic practices and the further development of skills and competencies within the various artistic fields.

Professors and associate professors at the Schools of Visual Arts have an obligation to engage in artistic research at their relevant schools and through their own artistic practice. Special collaborative projects concerning artistic research will cut across the individual schools.

Academic research
Unlike artistic research, academic research at the Schools of Visual Arts is always conducted in co-operation with a university where the relevant PhD fellow is enrolled. This means that it is not possible to apply for a PhD fellowship directly from the Schools of Visual Arts.

Research projects can be carried out by artists as well as academics if their applications for research funding is successful. Research projects can be initiated in co-operation with other research institutions, but must always be relevant to the Schools of Visual Arts’ programmes.

The Laboratory for Art Research is responsible for the academic research conducted at the Schools of Visual Arts.

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