CAT COW - Nina Beier: Book launch at Kunsthal Charlottenborg

Billedkunstskolernes Forlag and Kunsthal Rønnebæksholm invite you to the launch of the research-based art publication CAT COW - Nina Beier.

Location: The bookshop at Kunsthal Charlottenborg/ Lower Foyer.
Entry: Free
The catalogue originates from the internationally renowned artist Nina Beier's performance commission CAT COW from 2021, an exhibition created for Kunsthal Rønnebæksholm, curated by Charlotte Sprogøe, who has written the opening essay of the book.
The marble egg moves through CAT COW as a conceptual primordial form that generates exhibition, texts and book. CAT COW explores the field of tension between the living and the dead, the organic and the aesthetic - and the performative and the sculptural. In CAT COW, artistic concept, aesthetic and mental tone are transferred from the exhibition as form to the book as a whole. In Nina Beier's art, meaning is never finished and finally, things always hold layers of baggage and potentials to be produced, distributed, traded and reused. In the same way, the text by Sprogøe is wrapped in a background text by the artist written in collaboration with Nanna Friis, who comments on and complicates the concepts, and places them in a context of Nina Beier's extensive exhibition back catalog.
The CAT COW publication is generously supported by the Bikuben Foundation. The CAT COW exhibition was created as an independent curatorial part of the Bikuben Foundation exhibition prize Vision 2020 Soil.Sickness.Society, and was commissioned for Kunsthal Rønnebæksholm's massive industrial barn as part of Sprogøe Phd's curatorial research project in the exhibition as a form – and backdrop as character.
Thanks to: Novo Nordisk, Bikubenfonden, University of Copenhagen.