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!Diverse Universe 2017 - Scandinavian Performance Summer!

Live performances by international artists+ live print session. Prints on t-shirts and small prints during the event.

Diverse Universe Festival & live-Print-session
Place: Charlottenborg Castle Court Yard, Kgs Nytorv 1, DK-1050 København K 
Date: June 13 2017. 
Time: 2 - 7 PM

Diverse Universe is coming to Denmark and will have live performances by international artists + live-print session. The event in Charlottenborg Castle court yard is a collaboration between Danske Grafikere (by Rasmus Danø), The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Visual Arts (by Lars Grenaae) and Diverse Universe (by Al Paldrok aka Anonymous Boh)
About Diverse Universe Performance Festival
Diverse Universe Performance Festival started in Estonia annually in 2005. Since then, this nomadic festival has been traveling through the East-South-West and North Europe uniting artists from all-across the World. The Festival is sharing high quality Performance Art and Live Art with audiences from all over Europe in different cities. The scale and duration of Diverse Universe allows for a deep and meaningful interdisciplinary cross-fertilization between artists from different nationalities that pushes the boundaries of contemporary performance art practice.

Festival website:

Scandinavian Performance Summer 2017 will happen in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Aland, Estonia and New York, USA including participants from all of the Nordic countries and over the World to create new ideas through collective creative synergy. 

Tour plan 2017:
New York 20-22.04 - Helsinki, Finland 25-27.05 - Imatra, Finland 29.05 - Pietarsaari, Finland 31.05-1.06 - Rovaniemi, Finland 1.06 – 3.06 - Tromso, Norway 3.06 – 5.06 - Bergen, Norway 8.05 - Oslo, Norway 9. - 11.06 - Gothenburg, Sweden 11.06 - Malmö, Sweden 12.06 - Copenhagen, Denmark 13.06 - Stockholm, Sweden 14. - 15.06 - Mariehamn, Aland 16.06 - Tallinn, Estonia 17-18.06 - Pärnu, Estonia 19-21.06