New academy print

As a new tradition, one of the school's associated artists each year produces an 'Academy Year Print' in collaboration with the graphic workshop. This year the print is created by Professor Martin Erik Andersen.

During autumn 2017, Professor Martin Erik Andersen has worked on a new print at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Visual Arts. The result is a work offering a fruitful insight into some of the artistic processes that take place at an institution such as the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. The print combines various techniques such as copper print, silk screen printing and inkjet printing and demonstrates the printing process by leaving the print frame and a smaller color scheme as part of the finished work. The title, Half-masked (b)eyes into thy tent, is inspired by the poet Ezra Pound's work Canto LXXXI, and the motif is a shaken chandelier from an office at the school.
In the future, a new print will be published every year in a collaboration between the graphic workshop and an artist associated with the Schools of Visual Arts or the Kunsthalle. The print will be included in the Royal Danish Academy’s Graphic Collection and will be offered to new members of the Charlottenborg Business Club