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The Novo Nordisk Foundation PhD scholarships & postdoc fellowships

The Novo Nordisk Foundation has opend for applications to the Mads Øvlisen PhD scholarshios and postdoc fellowships within art history and practice-based artistic research

With the ph.d. scholarships the Novo Nordisk Foundation wishes to provide ambitious students with the opportunity to pursue a research career within art history and practice-based artistic research and thereby contribute to developing the fields in Denmark. 
With the postdoc fellowships the Novo Nordisk Foundation wishes to support ambitious researchers within art history and art to conduct excellent research projects leading to a significant contribution to art-related research in Denmark. 


Supplementary Information to Applicants who Intend to Apply for Practice-based Research PhD Scholarships Hosted at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Schools of Visual Art

Prequalification round at the Schools of Visual Art

On January 1 (at the very latest) you should send maximum 1 page of project description on both part 1) and 2) according to Novo Nordisk Fonden’s “information and guidelines for applicants” together with a rough time plane, curriculum vitae and your official education documents to 

You may indicate planned/preferred supervisor(s) in the timetable, but this is not mandatory.
Most applicants hosted at the School of Visual Arts apply with enrollment at the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies (IKK) at University of Copenhagen. After the deadline we will decide on a handful (3-7) projects we will agree to host and forward the documents from these applications to IKK in order to obtain a commitment for enrollment at their PhD School. You do therefor not need to contact them yourself.
If you intend to apply through any other institution than IKK, you have to contact the institution you have in mind and follow the procedures they have with regards to committing to enrollment as well as our procedure.  
All applicants will get notice from us on hosting immediately after January 4. Those we agree to host should then continue with a full application according to the guidelines given in the announcement from Novo Nordisk Fonden. Note, the application for agreed hosting is much more informal than the final application to Novo Nordisk Fonden.
For you who receive a hosting agreement, from Schools of Visual Art and a commitment for enrollment at Department of Arts and Cultural Studies, this is then included in your subsequent full application to Novo Nordisk Fonden. The Schools of Visual Art will be aiding you in calculating your salary. 

For the full application, see

Mads Øvlisen PhD scholarships (eng)

With this call, The Novo Nordisk Foundation invites outstanding candidates to apply for a PhD scholarship within art history research and practice-based artistic research. 


Mads Øvlisen postdoc fellowships (eng)

Researchers holding a PhD degree or equivalent (magister degree supplemented with further research or other equivalent research activity) are eligible to apply for a postdoc fellowship.