Why Words Now: Bob Kil

Writer and artist Bob Kil will perform at Why Words Now #4

For this fourth edition of Why Words Now, Art Hub Copenhagen and The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts welcome writer and artist Bob Kil, who will perform a newly written text from 2020.

Bob Kil is based in Berlin. Kil’s first literary book, BUT BOB, was published by Juan de la Cosa / John of the Thing in January 2020. Kil also initiated bobshop, a space for performances and readings in Berlin.


Join us at the School of Sculpture, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, on Tuesday, December 8, at 6pm.

The event is free. However, registration is required via

Due to Covid-19, we provide only a limited number of seats. Masks and sanitizers will be available.

The performance will be in English.


For a discipline named after its engagement with the visual, there is an awful lot of words in the world of visual arts. In partnership with the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ School of Sculpture, Art Hub invites international artists, critics, curators and art historians to discuss the role of language in visual art through their individual practices. Why Words Now is curated by artist and academy professor Simon Dybbroe Møller, and independent curator and PhD student at Aarhus University Helga Just Christoffersen.

Why Words Now is generously supported by the Danish Art Foundation.