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Guidelines for upload of material BFA

Here you find information about the guidelines for electronic submission of material for the BFA admission. Please NOTE that we will reject applications that do not comply with the guidelines.

You shall upload your CV in your application.

Your CV:

  • Must be filled in in our CV template
  • Must be uploaded as a pdf-file
  • Must be a maximum of 1 A4 page
  • Must answer all the fields in the template

You find the template via this link:
Documentation of art works
In your application, you upload documentation of your works.
You may upload up to 8 image files and/or 2 video files.

Your images:

  • Can document paintings, sculpture, drawings, prints, installations, photos and similar physical works.
  • Must be jpeg/png files
  • Must be a maximum of 3 MB each
  • Must have a maximum image size of 1900x1080 pixels
  • You choose how many works you document with your images. For example, you can document 1 work with 8 images, document 8 works with 8 images, document 1 work with 3 images and 1 work with 5 images, or in between. You can upload fewer than 8 images in total.

Your video files:

  • Can be actual video works, audio works or documentation of performances or installations
  • Must be in QuickTime mpeg4/H264 format 1920x1080 pixels
  • Must be playable in QuickTime player
  • Must each be a maximum size of 100MB
  • May each maximum last 1 minute + 5 seconds for your sign
  • Must each contain a "sign":

You MUST insert a "sign" (white font on a black background) of 5 seconds duration at the beginning of each video. The sign must include your full name, “title” and inform whether the video contains sound or not. If the video is an extract of a longer work, the original length of the work must be informed.

Example: Hans Hansen - "title", minus sound, original length: 6 min

Please note that applications containing videos without a "sign", will be rejected.
If you have questions regarding the preparation of your application, you are welcome to contact the Study Administration by e-mail: .