Laboratory for Ceramics

Laboratory for Ceramics

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Associate Professor Karen Harsbo
+45 3374 4641

The Laboratory teaches and conducts research on how artists use ceramics as a means of expression. The teaching takes the form of courses held for individual Schools, projects involving other institutions or enterprises, and individual work based on each student’s own projects and wishes. 

The Laboratory teaches a wide range of techniques within the field of ceramics, both new and classic: modelling/sculpting, plaster moulds for casting, paper clay, sand moulding, firing and glazing. Students may also work with glass moulding, fusing and slumping. 

Lektor og leder af Labaratoriet for Keramik Karen Harsbo foran væg med glasurprøver

Karen Harsbo

Associate Professor

The head of the Laboratory for Ceramics, Associate Professor Karen Harsbo (b. 1963), is a graduate from Danmark Designskole (now part of The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation (KADK)). Her work includes projects for Royal Copenhagen Porcelain as well as public art for e.g. Tommerup Teglværk and the Municipality of Ballerup.
She has been featured in numerous exhibitions, presenting solo work and contributing to a range of collaborative projects. 

In her work Harsbo places great emphasis on experimenting with materials and media, and she takes a distinctly artistic approach to all aspects of ceramics, whether historical or technical. Karen Harsbo has also conducted studies on how to transfer photographs onto ceramic surfaces. 





+45 3374 4641