Laboratory for Etching, Engraving and Litography

Laboratory for Etching, Engraving and Lithography

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Associate Professor Finn Naur Petersen 
+45 3374 4683

The Laboratory for Etching, Engraving and Lithography explores and assists the development of art based on the three classic printmaking techniques: intaglio printing, relief printing and planographic printing. Individual primer courses, workshops and lectures give students insight into the history and practice of these crafts.

The overall objective is to make printmaking and the graphic arts a natural platform for the students’ reflections on art – and for the production of their own work. 

The Laboratory co-operates with institutions such as The National Film School of Denmark and the Danish Art Workshops, as well as with highly acclaimed printmaking workshops in Denmark, the Faroe Islands and Sweden. 

Lektor og leder af Laboratoriet for Dybtryk, Højtryk og Litografi Finn Naur

Finn Naur Petersen

Associate Professor

The head of the Laboratory for Etching, Engraving and Lithography, Associate Professor Finn Naur Petersen (b. 1954), is an autodidact artist. He has studied, explored and worked with the art of printmaking in a wide range of exhibitions and printed materials; his activities have also incorporated aspects of installation art, objects and public art.

Finn Naur Petersen’s work has been exhibited at museums and venues such as Arken, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Brandts, Overgaden, and Kunsthal Nord in Denmark, and at art venues throughout Europe and in Japan, China and the USA.



+45 3374 4683