Laboratory for Serigraphy and Risography

Laboratory for Serigraphy and Risography

Kongens Nytorv 1
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Associate Professor Lars Grenaae
+45 3374 4682

Opening hours

Tuesday-Thursday 10 am - 4 pm after appointment by mail

The laboratory teaches and explores the techniques of serigraphy and risograph printing as art media.  

The serigraphy and risograhy techniques both offer great versatility as artistic material. The techniques involve several distinct steps, thereby inviting a succession of choices that may in turn offer up new potential and new challenges. The two printmaking techniques give students excellent opportunities for building their skills and competencies as regards in-depth study, structured work, and shaping their practice. 

Alternating between classes, instruction and one-on-one tutorials, the laboratory gives students the opportunity to obtain in-depth insight into the serigraphic and risography methods – including how to integrate them in their own practice as artists.

Lektor og leder af Laboratoriet for Serigrafi og Risografi Lars Grenaae

Lars Grenaae

Associate Professor

The head of the laboratory Associate Professor Lars Grenaae (b. 1965) graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ Schools of Visual Art in 1998. He also learnt the craft of fine-art printmaking as an apprentice with the serigrapher Jørgen Hansen. 

Lars Grenaae has taught at the Schools of Visual Art since 1998. A practicing artist, he has been featured in many exhibitions in Denmark and abroad.  His own practice focuses on painting, printmaking and on books as art objects. 



+45 3374 4682