Laboratory for Painting and Colour

Laboratory for Painting and Colour

Peder Skramsgade 2
Door A, 4th floor


Associate professor Glenn Sorensen

Opening hours

Tuesdays 09.30–15.30 and Wednesdays 13-15.30. Make an appointment in advance by e-mail.
Wednesdays 09.30-12.30 is drop-in-time

The Laboratory for Painting and Colour works with colour and its employment practically, formerly, aesthetically and theoretically in the visual arts. The ambition is to aid in the awareness and understanding of the use of colour and how it can be employed by the student in their own work.
Practical Colour application will be studied along with an analytical discussion of students work and colour use in relation to individual ambition. Historical and contemporary art of relevance will also be discussed in regards to how and why colour has been employed.
The Laboratory for Painting and Colour works in collaboration with the painting and graphic departments.

Lektor på Laboratoriet for Grafik og Maleri Glenn Sorensen

Glenn Sorensen

Associate professor

Glenn Sorensen (b.1968) is a graduate of City Art Institute, Sydney. He also studied at the Helsinki Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki. Sorensen has previously worked for the Schools of Visual Arts as a guest lecturer and external examiner.

Sorensen works primarily with painting. His paintings are labour intensive and personal - often worked on over a long period of time. Sorensen’s paintings are small and slow reduction of visual information until what remains is what he considers to be the inexplicable core.

Since 1994 Sorensen has presented his work at numerous solo and group shows at international museums and exhibition venues and galleries in Europe, the USA and Australia.
Sorensen has work represented in the collections of Museum of Modern Art, New York and Moderna Museet Stockholm and is represented by the following galleries: Corvi-Mora, London. Annet Gelink Gallery, Amsterdam. Raucci/Santamaria, Naples and Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney