Artist talk: Koen Delaere

Artist talk: Koen Delaere
21. februar kl.10 i Media auditorium

Koen Delaere creates by engaging in a form of performative expression that echoes the spontaneous energy of live music concerts and is not shy of unorthodox methods and experiments to achieve this. Simultaneously, Delaere creates paintings that are clearly directed and from which all coincidence has disappeared. They are autonomous objects: explosions of a deep poetic intensity that finds its way to the viewer through the material and the artists ability to modify it. In his work concept is played off against raw intuition, and structured grids against performative action painting. This is where an art historical richness seeps into the work. Using the idea of grids referring back to modernism, to Mondriaan and Rosalind Krauss. Within Delaeres paintings the grid acts as a mode of organization and serves both as a vehicle for subjectivity as well as a constraint for action. The grid is a formal construction that has to be loaded with life. To achieve this he engages with diverse sources like among others West-Kapelle, Harryette Mullen, early Sonic Youth and Mars Volta, orchids, Aphex Twin, William Gibson etc. 

Koen Delaere Brugge (b. 1970)
Delaere studied Fine Art and Philosophy at Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Tilburg. His work has been show extensively worldwide at, amongst others, Gebr. Lehmann Gallery Dresden, De Pont museum Tilburg, Autocenter, Berlin, MIS Sao Paulo Brasil, Anonymous Gallery New York, Cell projectspace London,Christian Larsen Gallery Stockholm and Fons Welters Gallery Amsterdam; Recent solo exhibitions include Rod Barton Gallery Brussels,Peter Makebish Gallery NY, Halsey Mckay Gallery East- Hampton NY, Mike Weiss Gallery NY, Van Horn Gallery Dusseldorf , Gerhard Hofland Gallery Amsterdam, Centraal Museum Utrecht and De Vleeshal Middelburg. In 2006 he won the prestigious Wolvecampprijs for painting.
Delaere sometimes curates and he teaches at BFA Artez Arnhem and FHK Tilburg. He currently lives and works in Tilburg, The Netherlands.