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Charlottenborg Art Talk: Sam Smith

Charlottenborg Art Talk
Sam Smith: "E.1027" - video performance lecture
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At this evening's Charlottenborg Art Talk London-based Australian artist Sam Smith will talk about his performance video 'E. 1027'. In addition to the talk and live video performance, there will be a Q & A session.

'E.1027' is a performance video based on the complex history and imagined future of Irish architect and designer Eileen Gray’s eponymous villa.

The history of conflict etched within the building’s material structure plays out in episodes of companionship, obsession, murder and destruction.

The work gives life and resonance to the house by playing back scenes from its tangled history and treating it as an active thing - a vibrant form that is capable of reorganising matter, facilitating life and playing a central part in its own narrative.

The talk is arranged by FORUM - a student-run program at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

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'E.1027' (2016-2017)
Live video performance, approx 35 mins
Script: Sam Smith and Nella Aarne
Voice: Sarah Burke, Charles Martins, Jan Dorosz