Charlottenborg Art Talks: Augusto Corrieri

Augusto Corrieri will present and reflect on an ongoing project of writing and performance making, involving empty and abandoned theatres, and the possibility of encountering non-human forms of agency and matter within such places. How can all-too-human modes of perception and sensibility meet other forms of life and animation? How do we account for the myriad of events typically cast into the background of theatres – the swirls of dust motes, strange architectural immobilities, the sudden passage of a bird?

Augusto Corrieri is an artist and writer based in Brighton and London. His written work is often presented in the form of performance-lectures, which are part-academic, part show and tells, and part deconstructions of photographic images. Corrieri’s current focus is on contemporary ecology and the possibility of generating cross-species affinities and encounters, through writing, performance and video. His book In Place of a Show: What Happens Inside Theatres When Nothing is Happening (2016) is published by Bloomsbury.
Corrieri’s works for theatres and galleries have been commissioned by European art centres, including Madrid’s Casa Encendida, Vienna’s Tanzquatier and London’s Camden Arts Centre.

The talk is part of the Charlottenborg Art Talks program and is initiated by Forum, a group for student led teaching at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

Charlottenborg Art Talks
Augusto Corrieri
Wednesday 2nd of May, 17-19 h
The talk will be in English