Open lecture: Space Un-Settlements by Ralo Mayer

Space Un·Settlements is a long term artistic research project that investigates the interrelations of speculations and experiments of life in outer space, and rather earthly realities here, on our planet. For this lecture and discussion, Ralo Mayer invites us into the laboratory of his practice presenting the different artistic elements (installation, performance lecture, film, and text) and how they have taken form throughout the research process. Finally, he'll present the status of his current research into spaceflight visionary Hermann Noordung and his 1920 Viennese context in order to generate a discussion on the form, formats and political implications of artistic research and storytelling approaches.
Ralo Mayer is an artist, filmmaker and researcher based in Vienna. His work delineates “ecologies of contemporary history“ that interweave objects from space exploration, ecology, or the Science Fiction of everyday life into cross-media settings. Mayer’s artistic practice is based on performative research, a processual approach of investigation and engagement that employs dramatic means like scripts, roles and props. He currently works as Assistant Professor at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, where he is also a candidate in the artistic research PhD program (http://was-ist-multiplex.info).

The lecture is open to the public

Ralo Mayer: Space Un-Settlements
May 25. at 1-3 PM
The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts
Institute for Art, Writing and Research
The Institute's Library (Institutbiblioteket)
Peder Skrams Gade 2, 4G