First there was light

Projektets titel

First there was light


Simon Dybbroe Møller, James Langdon, Post Brothers, Mia Line




First there was light will treat the emergence of photography as the beginning of our world. This project investigates how qualities intrinsic to analogue photography, influence how we think and see the world today.

The emergence of the Internet did more than just accelerate the distribution of images of art shows. It fundamentally changed the hierarchy between the artwork and its representation. We have come to expect, that the Photographic document will outlive the artwork while morphing and changing along its path.

Our ambition is to create tools to grasp photography's influence on all artistic disciplines now. Through a project characterized by a reciprocal relation between research and presentation, we will produce a lecture that lays out the unwritten history of the Photographic and a manual-like book that maps the Phototographic