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On The Photographic

KUV-projektets titel

On The Photographic


Simon Dybbroe Møller




In an age of heightened interdisciplinarity a project dealing with the effects of photography on our thinking, seeing and behavior might sound like an antiquated endeavor. Though certainly darkrooms and photo clubs still exist, photography as a material form is on its deathbed. The peculiar mix of mechanics, optics, and chemistry in classic photography has been supplanted by automation, computation, and redundancy. On the Photographic however is based on the speculation that rather than disappear, photography has become increasingly abstract; it has dematerialized to ultimately diffuse into every aspect of our lives.

This KUV project has developed out of my exhibition practice and is closely tied to a kind of thinking that I believe is exclusive to artistic practice. On the Photographic shall serve as a motor to expand my considerations of the Photographic into a comprehensive visual essay, equal part artistic research-thinking and group exhibition on paper. Visually it will comprise artworks by other artists alongside found material and arcane artefacts. A text informing an exhibition, and an exhibition informing a text, the project shall demonstrate a reciprocal relation between research and presentation and expand photographic discourse to account for a broader range of cultural practices and habits.