Art Hub & The School of Sculpture at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts are pleased to present WHY WORDS NOW – the format that tests and probes the paradoxical overabundance of words in the field of visual arts.

For this edition of Why Words Now, Art Hub and The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts welcome artist Beth Collar, who will perform a new version of an ongoing interlocking and overlapping series of performances titled "upset tummy thinking".
Beth Collar (UK) is based in Berlin. Collar's solo exhibition Basher Dowsing, a sculptural installation, is currently on at von ammon co in Washington DC. Collar recently produced a podcast episode for Pogo Bar at KW in Berlin and in 2020 was a resident artist at the British School in Rome.
Join us at the School of Sculpture, at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, Tuesday, June 8, at 6pm.
Registration via . Due to Covid-19, a limited number of seats are available, and to participate you must bring a valid ‘COVID passport’.
The lecture will be in English.
Why Words Now is curated by artist and academy professor Simon Dybbroe Møller, and independent curator and PhD student at Aarhus University Helga Just Christoffersen.